One Day of Epic Deals
for Pro Members

Saturday, 9/16

Pro Day is an epic day of exclusive deals for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members. Pros already enjoy everyday access to sweet, sweet savings on the best games, accessories, consoles, and collectibles on Earth.

On Pro Day, it gets even bigger and way better.

Pro Day occurs four times a year.
The third Pro Day of our current celestial orbit of the Sun is Saturday, 9/16.

Pro Day is how Pros buy games, gear, collectibles and more for super low prices that are even lower than the discount prices they enjoy every day.

We hope you didn't get brains all over your shirt just now, seeing as we just blew your mind. KA-BLAM-O!

At your participating neighborhood GameStop! It's also an online sale, but you first need to visit us in-store store and sign up #IRL. Just follow our simple four-step Pro conversion program and start living the Pro life like a Pro Member.

  1. Visit your local GameStop. This is literally the third time we've mentioned that part, so it must be important.
  2. Tell an associate you'd like to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro Member.
  3. Give the associate $14.99, plus tax as applicable. Don't worry. It's not a bribe. It's the annual membership fee. Existing members with 15,000 Rewards points can apply those points toward the annual membership fee and save their cash for other, possibly less awesome endeavors.
  4. Never miss amazing Pro Day deals ever again. Remember, in addition to everyday Pro deals and savings, Pro Day occurs four times a year. That's 320 times in an average lifetime!

Pro Day is just one of the many awesome benefits our
PowerUp Rewards Pro Members enjoy.