Halo Reach

by Microsoft | Xbox 360, Xbox One

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  • Blood
  • Violence
Platform: Xbox 360,Xbox One
Category: Shooter
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Bungie Software
Release Date: 09/14/2010


Because Halo is the best-selling Xbox franchise of all-time, the developers at Bungie had their work cut out for them when they were deciding what to do next with the series that has set the gaming standard for the last 10 years. Fortunately for us, they decided that the next step should be a prequel, and you'll experience the beginning of the Halo legend, when the heroic Spartan soldiers make their final stand on the planet Reach, humanity's last line of defense between the Covenant and Earth. We've all seen the carnage that one Spartan can produce. Imagine what a whole squadron of them can do. We all know how this one ends up, too. So the story has a fittingly darker, grittier edge to it as the brave Spartans go to meet their destiny. But you can make sure they go out in a blaze of glory in epic battles against the Covenant on a backdrop of jaw-dropping environments, powered by an all-new engine. And of course, the battles will continue long after the campaign is over on Xbox Live with a satisfying multiplayer experience. We'd expect nothing less from this one.

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    • Game Details
    • Content Download: Yes
    • Co-op Mode: Co-op: 1-2 - System Link: 2-16
    • Leaderboards: Yes
    • Number of Online Players: 2-16
    • Number of Players: 1-4
    • Offline Modes: Multiplayer Versus
    • Online Modes: Co-op: 1-4
    • Resolution: HDTV 1080p
    • Voice: Yes


    An Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required for these Halo Reach game features: Networked Co-op Campaign Play, Networked Firefight, Saved Films, File Storage. (The Xbox 360 4 GB and Xbox 360 Arcade console have internal flash memory- not hard drives.)

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