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      Why GameStop is Excited For WWE 2K17

      WWE 2K17 builds upon last year's 2K16, one that critics called "the best wrestling game they played in years." But it's a new year, and there's a new challenger looking to claim that title.

      Next generation graphics bring the cage to life like you've never seen it before. WWE 2K17 has the largest roster ever, including Sasha Banks, who makes her series debut. Each match features color commentary creating an immersive experience so real, you'll swear you're in the arena.

      Take to the mat in one of three expanded game modes. In the 2K showcase, you'll build the career of Brock Lesnar as he fights for the championship. Fight your battles in and out of the ring in a completely updated campaign.

      The WWE Universe mode allows you to explore many storylines including reliving classic rivalries or finding out who would win if the greatest wrestlers in history faced off. The Creative Suite allows you to customize every aspect of a championship from divas to challengers, and even the location. Additional features include:

      • Improved MyCareer Mode: Build your legacy by taking control of your wrestlers actions and personality. Submit to or resist the Authority, forging your own destiny.
      • Play as Your Favorites: Take to the ring playing as, or fighting against John Cena, The Ultimate Warrior, or Sasha Banks. WWE 2K17 features the biggest roster yet.

      You've never experienced the WWE like this. From brand new arenas to never-before-seen players, WWE 2K17 is the biggest addition to the franchise yet.

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