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    From the Desk of Game Informer

    Free-to-play Apex Legends is Respawn's foray into battle royale and it's an exciting one with a promising future. Combining the developer's superb combat and movement with character-driven powers of hero shooters like Overwatch, Apex Legends carves out a notable space in the rapidly growing battle royale genre. Players are sure to find a favorite among the the diverse and likable cast of characters that form the game's roster, whether it's gung-ho soldier Bangalore or cheery robot Pathfinder.

    Legends brings a host of streamlined features to battle royale, like a handy ping system that makes on-the-fly non-verbal communication a breeze even with random players. The jumpmaster system also makes the messy moments of battle royale much easier to bear, giving a single player control over where the squad will jump (while also giving the rest of the party the option to break away if they so choose).

    Respawn's fusion of battle royale and class-focused powers has proven to be a strong one, with a promising future thanks to the developer's plans to introduce weapons, cosmetics, and other goodies once the game's first season kicks off in March. Apex Legends is a quality and innovative battle royale game that also marks a high point for free-to-play first-person shooters. If you find yourself partial to the genre, or Titanfall 2's great combat, you owe yourself to this one a try. It's free, after all.

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