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    Why GameStop is Excited For Crackdown 3

    In Crackdown 3, players explore (and do significant damage) to an open-world sandbox full of destructible environments and enemies with one goal: justice by any means necessary. This massive metropolis, known as New Providence, may look beautiful from a distance. However, with a closer look you’ll see that gang warfare dominates the streets and the corporate psychopaths who run TerraNova Worldwide control it all. This mega-corporation is using its power and influence to drain the city of any good that is left. It is up to you to dismantle this criminal empire. Step up your BOOM!

    • Totally Destructible Environments: Crackdown 3 offers 100% destructible environments, giving you total control over the landscape of New Providence. Controlled chaos or all-out carnage; the choice is yours.
    • Multiplayer Madness: Work with your Agency partners to take out this criminal empire. Four-player cooperative gameplay allows your squad to strategize and bring justice to your enemies.
    • Level-up to Shut Them Down: Step up your boom with the ability to level up your super-agent skills, growing your abilities until eventually you can jump over skyscrapers and throw cars at your foes.

    Crackdown 3 offers the totally-destructible, crime-fighting, all-out chaos of Crackdown in an open world environment. Join the Agency today!

    Crackdown 3 releases exclusively for Xbox One via download and disc, available at GameStop locations and on March 31, 2018.