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    Why GameStop is Excited For The Evil Within 2

    The Evil Within 2

    In this sequel to the 2014 survival horror hit, The Evil Within 2 continues to put players inside the mind-bending night-terrors of Sebastian Castellanos, a disgraced detective who has been through a lot and is about to go through a lot more. He lost his job, his family fell apart and he was trapped inside the mind of a serial killer. But his suffering is not done yet. To try and repair his family, Sebastian has to partner with Mobius, the very group responsible for the destruction of his former life. Back into the STEM world he must go in order to bring back his daughter Lily. But is it too late?

    • Imaginative narrative: Blending the genres of psychological thriller and survival horror, The Evil Within 2 pulls you into an intriguing plot as you learn about the Mobius Corporation and begin to grasp the gravity of Sebastian’s ordeal.
    • Horrifying setting: The game world, called Union, was created by Mobius and uses Lily’s mind as the core. Explore this small rural town and you will quickly discover everything is not as it seems.
    • Pick your battles: Play the way you want. Survive by sneaking past enemies or run into enemy territory guns blazing. Just keep in mind, ammo is limited.
    • Look fear in the eye: Face disturbing enemies created by the STEM technology to be sadistic and evil.

    For Sebastian, the only way out is in. To see all he holds dear, he must dive in headfirst and face his fears.

    The Evil Within 2 is available on PS4 and Xbox One.