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      Centuries ago, a cataclysm nearly destroyed all civilization. In the years that followed, three medieval cultures - the Vikings, Knights, and Samurai - emerged to reclaim their lost glory. The kingdoms once enjoyed an uneasy equilibrium, but their growing power corrupted and made them hungry for more.

      Now, it's up to you to fight for honor and the future of your people.

      Choose your warrior and study the nuanced art of sword fighting as you defend your home from invaders and challenges from within. Regardless of whether you play as a ruthless Viking, a mighty Knight or an agile Samurai, you will explore beautiful maps filled with intrigue and thrilling challenges. It's upon your shoulders to preserve life while sieging castles and defying powerful rivals.

      • Art of Battle Combat System: Intense melee skirmishes roar to life with the aid of Art of Battle. This unique combat system grants advance insights into tactics and extensive control over your warrior's weaponry and movement.
      • Global Multi-Player Combat: Explore five multiplayer modes and test your skills against warriors from around the world.
      • Four Different Classes of Players: In addition to choosing the society for which you battle, you will select from different classes of players that each has their own unique strengths. While some favor speed, others have the ability to distribute or absorb heavy blows.
      • An Immersive Campaign: Scale castle walls and honorably fight your way through a compelling story where you seek to save your people from a mysterious, deadly foe. Each character comes with an emotionally-charged backstory that adds unique layers to their motivations and fighting styles.

      For Honor on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 available now.