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    Why GameStop is Excited For Need for Speed Payback

    Bring Down the House in Need for Speed Payback

    Need For Speed Payback returns with screeching tires, the roar of the engine, and the sweet aroma of burnt rubber. In the latest NFS installment, you follow former street racer Tyler Morgan. Once a trusting man, Tyler was double-crossed and forced into exile, but now it's time for payback. Join Tyler on the mission to rebuild his crew, win an impossible race, and attempt to take on "The House," the cartel that controls the criminal underworld of Fortune Valley.

    Need for Speed Payback amps up the excitement with cop chases, rep management and a metric ton of customization options.

    • The return of cop chases: The stakes have never been higher. The local PD is better equipped than ever, so you will have to push yourself and your car to the limit to escape and outrun Johnny Law (not a playable character).
    • Risk-versus-reward gameplay: Using speed and style, you can rack up extra rep for you and your crew. But will you risk it all? Raise the stakes with challenges that may make your race more difficult, but can also multiply your rep bank.
    • Five car classes: Race, Off-Road, Drag, Drift, and Runner. Pick the distinct car class that matches your desired playstyle to re-balance the scales on any race, mission or challenge.
    • Customize your ride: In addition to collecting the best parts for your car, you can also decorate your ride with vanity items that add a level of personal flair! Add underglow, tire smoke, nitrous flames, or air suspension.

    Think you are the fastest? Find out in Need for Speed Payback.

    Pre-order Need for Speed Payback and receive the Platinum Car Pack, which gives you access to five customized cars.

    Pre-order the Need for Speed Payback Deluxe Edition for exclusive advance access to the game three whole days before the worldwide release. The Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus also includes an exclusive NOS color, license plate, leaderboard icon, story mission pack and more.

    Need for Speed Payback will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Early access for players who pre-order the Deluxe Edition will be Novmber 7, while the Standard Edition hits consoles on November 10.