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    Xbox One X

    About Xbox One X

    The most powerful console ever, featuring 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories.*

    • Centrifugal Fan: A supercharger-style design which rapidly pulls in and compresses air, Xbox One X's Centrifugal Fan is crafted to deliver maximum cooling with minimum noise.
    • Vapor Chamber: A first for home consoles, Xbox One X's Vapor Chamber uses advanced liquid cooling to help ensure the Scorpio Engine stays cool.
    • Scorpio Engine: With 6 TFLOPS, 326GB/s of memory bandwidth and advanced, custom silicon, the Scorpio Engine is the most powerful console gaming processor ever created.
    • Hovis Method: To maximize performance and minimize power consumption, Xbox One X uses the Hovis Method, a cutting edge digital power delivery system to custom tune console voltage.

    Xbox One X

    Feel the rush of playing on one of the world's most powerful console. With 40% more power than any other console, the Xbox One X allows for a more immersive 4K gaming experience. This isn't simply an Xbox One with a new coat of paint; the Xbox One X has made major improvements under the hood:

    • Upgraded CPU: The Xbox custom 8-core AMD CPU has a clock speed of 2.3GHz.
    • More memory: The addition of 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory allows for faster load times, grander experiences, and bigger worlds.
    • Graphics like never before: A 6 Teraflop GPU provides the power for the Xbox One X to present 4K environments, characters, and details.
    • Memory bandwidth: With a memory bandwidth of 326 GB/sec, the Xbox One X has the power to keep up with anything your game collection demands.
    • Advanced cooling: The Xbox One X steps up its cooling capabilities, using liquid cooling to keep temperatures (and fan volume) under control during even the most intense moments.
    • Backwards compatibility: All of your Xbox One gear works exactly the same with an Xbox One X. No adapters required!

    With the Xbox One X, you can play 4K exclusive games, such as Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of Thieves, and Crackdown 3. Plus, be on the lookout for Xbox One X Enhanced games, as Xbox optimized these select titles to take advantage of the new tech within this powerful console.

    True 4K gaming is here with the arrival of the Xbox One X.