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Check out just a few of the features offered by the PlayStation 4: Shared Experiences - Play socially, broadcast your game in real-time, comment on friends' games and even join the game in completely new ways!

Play PS4 On the Go - Integrate second screens, including the PS Vita, tablets and other mobile devices to keep playing your game without a TV or even add new gameplay options like an instant map.

Customized to You - We're dipping into AI territory here, but after a while, your system will learn what games you like and even have them ready to play without you asking.

Play the Game, Not a Demo - Instead of waiting while a special demo for upcoming games download, instantly jump into a full section of the game and start playing, while the download occurs seamlessly in the background. That's the power of Cloud technology.

Bring Back the Classics - Download and play your favorite games from across the PlayStation catalog, including PS3, PS2 and PS1 games. Let's party like it's 1994!

Game worlds truly come to life with Sony's all-new PS4 Pro. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the brand new 4K gaming and HDR compatible PlayStation console. PS4 specs and features include: spectacular graphics, enhanced gameplay with faster frame rates, a unified gaming community through PlayStation Plus, extraordinary entertainment with 4K streaming and auto-upscaling! The PS4 Pro release date is November 10, 2016. The PS4 Pro (1TB) price is $399.99.

Thinner, faster, quieter! The PS4 Slim specs and features include everything you loved about the original PlayStation 4 and less. That's only because the PS4 Slim is 40% smaller than the original PS4, and far quieter. The Uncharted 4 500GB Bundle PS4 Slim price is just $299.99. The PS4 Slim release date is September 15, 2016. Don't miss out! Upgrade to the PlayStation 4 Slim today!

Keep checking your GameStop emails for the latest info on the new PlayStation 4, including PS4 game titles and release dates, PS4 accessories and more!

The PS4 was released on 11/15/13!