Fallout 4 Liberty Prime Statue

by ThinkGeek | Collectibles

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Platform: Collectibles
Category: Busts & Statues
Publisher: ThinkGeek
Developer: ThinkGeek
Release Date: 05/25/2019


In the FalloutĀ® Universe, war has been raging throughout the world since the Sino-American War of 2072 creating need for mechanized power armor long before the Great War. The most formidable combat robot, the Liberty Prime, was originally designed to liberate Anchorage, Alaska but was never able to be powered in time to assist in that battle. Roughly two centuries later, Liberty Prime was salvaged and brought into full service by the Brotherhood of Steel, who were able to modify Prime's targeting system to perceive the Enclave forces and super mutants as targets. Liberty Prime was first used to march on Project Purity and through the next two weeks continued to devastate entrenched Enclave defenders before being gunned down by an Enclave orbital satellite.

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